April Love: 13 and 14

Day 13: Love note to self


Dear You,
I know that you’ve struggled over the past couple days. You got tired and burned out, and you forgot to ask for help…and there was screaming and yelling.
It’s OK. I love you no matter what.
You’re trying your best, and you’re doing SO much better than last time around (better than you’ve EVER done! EVER! Amazing!). This just emphasizes the lesson, and maybe next time you’ll see the warning signs and ask for help before you get desperate.
You are strong. You are so, so smart. You are loving and kind and wonderful, and you can take this experience and use it to grow into even more of the incredible woman you already are.
I’m rooting for you, and I know that you’ve got this.
Love, Me.


Day 14: Current Obsession

Rogers chocolates

I am currently obsessed with Rogers chocolates (tea light in the photo is for scale). For YEARS I would see these in the store and walk on by because they cost $2.75 each, and that was just too much. A few weeks ago I finally let myself buy one and OH MY GOD THEY ARE AMAZING!! Now I buy a couple every time I go to the gourmet grocery store!

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