April Love: 5 and 6

Day 5: Favourite Colour

I love colour. I’ve been spending hours playing with mandalas and a giant set of every Sharpie marker colour in existence (so pretty!). But today we drove home and all we could see was this:


…until further notice, my “favourite colour” will be: ANYTHING BUT EFFING WHITE!!!!


Day 6: Touch

One thing about parenthood: there’s a LOT of touching. I think what I love about having a small baby is the fact that I can mostly control how/when the touch happens. She can’t jump on me (yet) or knock me over (yet) or surprise-tackle me (yet). She spends a lot of time in a wrap carrier, and I spend a lot of time choosing to do this:

little head <3

Her head feels soft and warm like a sun-ripened peach. <3


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