April Love: 7 and 8

Day 7: What Nourishes Me

Now that I have a second chance to be home with a wee one, I’m choosing to devote daily time to things that nourish me (something I completely neglected to do the first time around). I dance, stretch, go outside, practice guitar (I’m teaching myself how to play), read, write, and study. Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time colouring…possibly to counteract the extreme whiteness of the outside (it snowed AGAIN today! ARGH!!!). I did these two mandalas last month (photocopied onto cardstock and coloured with Sharpies). Colouring them was deeply satisfying!


Day 8: From Where I Stand

In the frozen wasteland of Nova Scotia, the sun is shining a little brighter. Maybe it won’t be winter forever…maybe the snow will melt (my very oldest friend suggested that we may actually be living in Narnia. I sincerely hope not!)

It’s garbage day today. I’m starting to see the blessing in garbage day. Sure, getting the trash to the curb is a pain…but then it goes away, and I don’t have to store kitty litter or used diapers in my basement or cardboard in my hallway any more. There’s a magic to that, and I’ve never appreciated it before.

garbage day, April 2015


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