April Love: Day 19 and 20

Day 19: I live here

Bless this mess.

This is the space where I spend most of my days: The table covered in art supplies, grammar books, tea, and kid-stuff. Laundry. A bolster for stretching. A tiny space to dance (where I stood to take the photo). Baby seat. Diapers and mess.

I’m trying to see beauty in the chaos while simultaneously working to get things neater.

Day 20: My scent

Dairy bar

I’m a 24-hour dairy bar, and I have overactive letdown. I smell like milk. Always. On a good day, I smell like milk, shampoo, and Dove deodorant. On a normal day, I smell like milk, sweat, and spit-up. I’m trying to at least put on deodorant more often.

(Side note: I took this photo in January, when Charlotte was about 2 weeks old. I’m already looking at this and thinking “HOLY CRAP, SHE WAS SO TINY!!” They really do grow so fast, don’t they?)

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