April Love: Day 21 and 22

Day 21: A Happy Memory

August 10, 2008: I was 10 days past my due date with my first baby when we got the call from the hospital to come in for an induction. Matthew had stayed up all night to drive his brother to the airport so he could fly home (side note: never make plans to visit a first baby before said baby actually arrives…you may end up going home disappointed). The induction went super-well, and once it started, labour went fast. Matthew was completely exhausted but trying his best to support me.

…And then, as soon as the top of Xander’s head appeared and Matthew saw it, it was like he got the biggest surge of energy! He was completely transformed! He was just overwhelmed by the amazingness of the fact that his son was almost born.

I don’t have a photo of that moment, just the memory…but I do have a photo of the moment a few minutes later when I got to hold Xander for the first time.

new mom


Day 22: Spring/Autumn

Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons. The weather is mild and changeable…not too hot or too cold. There’s always something new to look at. I find myself wanting to do big things, clean things completely, take stock of where I am and where I’m going. And everything smells so amazing. Spring smells of melting snow and thawing earth and growing things. Fall smells of woodsmoke and damp leaves. I try to savour both seasons.


Spring and Fall

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