I've always been a writer. When I was young, it was stories, usually with myself as the protagonist. Later, it was essays—I won the university medal in French for my honours thesis (both the paper and my French abilities are, sadly, lost to time). In my late twenties, I maintained a blog for three years and had more readers than I expected (not a lot, but more than just my friends). Now I'm writing a novel as well as short stories,  personal essays, and blog posts. The feeling when writing comes out just right is like nothing else.

I think that feeling is what got me interested in editing. Sometimes it's hard for the writer of a piece to step back and see what needs to change in order to make it say precisely what they mean to say. It's a privilege to be the person who steps in and checks things over, who tweaks minor things and asks questions to help guide the writer towards clarity. Out in the world, it can be a nasty habit: No one likes the person who goes to a restaurant and proofreads the menu—but there it is. I can't help it. We all have our hobbies. At least this way I can use my superpowers for good!

Right now, in addition to obnoxiously proofreading menu items, my interests include K-pop, dancing, Doctor Who, learning Korean for fun, and other general nerdiness. And does swearing count as a hobby? I do it so much that I feel like it should... (I don't swear at people...I just, you know, swear. A lot)

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