“You are rhythm. Ask any nuclear physicist and she will tell you that the whole universe is in constant motion and you are probably not the exception to the rule.
You breathe. You walk. You eat. You make love. You do all this in rhythm. Even when you say, “I have no rhythm,” there is rhythm in your delivery.
So, since movement is the nature of the universe and you’re in it, I suggest you move.” -Gabrielle Roth (Sweat Your Prayers, 19)

The whole Universe dances. We are dancing beings born into a dancing world. Right now, as you sit at your computer, your body is expanding and contracting with breath. Maybe your hair is being lightly blown by a breeze coming in the window. Your foot is tapping. Your heart is beating. A symphony of sounds and sights and smells and textures weaves itself in ever-changing choreography around you. There is nothing but movement all around us. When we realize this and reconnect with it, we realign with our true nature.

This is what Spirit Moves Dance is about —it’s about reminding you how to dance through life. Reminding, not teaching, because deep down you already know.

Dancing through life is a multifaceted practice. We dance through life by grounding our awareness in our bodies and physically letting ourselves dance. We dance through life by taking time to notice the way the world dances around us and appreciating its rhythm and the flow of sensation it produces. We dance through life by staying open to inspiration and the pull of intuition, dancing with life like a ballroom dancer and her partner. We dance with the people we love, moving in the give and take of relationship, sometimes falling out of sync, but managing to regain our connection and fall back into step. These are all forms of dancing.

I used to think that my business was “just” about reminding people how to move their bodies. Then I spent a year writing blog posts. And while many of them were about physical movement, many more were about other things: inspiration and healing and relationship and beauty and awareness. And yet, even though they weren’t technically about dance as I viewed it at the time…they still felt like they were about the same thing.

There’s this feeling I get when I’m truly present in my body: it’s a rush of energy, a sense of total embodiment, a sensitivity to sensation. But I don’t just get it when I’m on the dance floor. I get it when I pause to notice the way the sun filters through the leaves on a tree or when I run my fingers through my hair or when I bend down and give my little boy a hug. I get it when I go to the Internet community for guidance and serendipitously find the message I need. I get it when I’m journalling and make a major breakthrough (I’m getting it right now).

That’s the feeling of dancing: the feeling of being in the flow of the Universe, of moving with it (physically or otherwise), of being totally and completely alive. If I could give you one thing, it would be a set of tools that would help you to access that feeling. In my in-person sessions, my blog, and my products, this is my goal.

“Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less.

A dance.”

-Gabrielle Roth (Sweat Your Prayers, xxvii)