About Me

Who Am I?

I am a Healing Dance teacher and Embodied Movement coach. I work with women who want to explore new, expressive ways of moving, and I give them inspiration and tools for their journey. The heart of my work is helping people get embodied—present and grounded in their physical selves—because that’s where our true strength, joy, and wisdom lives. And seeing a person light up when they move is pretty much the best thing ever.


The detailed story-type version:

My name is Meg Goodmanson. I’m a 31 year old nerd with a freakish obsession with Doctor Who. I have a husband, a son, and two cats.

I started ballet training when I was 5, went to a pre-professional school for dance when I was 16, and then realized in a very painful way that I didn’t have the body for ballet. I studied modern dance and choreography in University, but ended up dropping out of the program for a number of reasons (including a truly horrendous break-up, but that’s another story).

I did a degree in French and English, played around with the idea of being a radio DJ, taught modern dance on and off, and was eventually introduced to Reiki by my then-friend and now-husband, Matthew. Reiki led me to Reiki Healing Dance, Reiki Healing Dance led me to Kripalu DansKinetics, and a combination of all of those lessons and experiences led me to a dream of helping people heal their relationship with movement and with their bodies (it’s something I’ve been working on for almost half my life, after all).

Now I’m a Healing Dance teacher and an Embodied Movement coach. My main mission is to help women reconnect with their bodies and to appreciate the beauty of their physical selves. I provide one-on-one support and custom movement sessions via Skype, I offer group teleclasses to facilitate a movement practice (and for FUN!), and I create Moving Meditations—guided movement explorations in mp3 format—for self-guided practice.

P.S. Want to know the nuts-and-bolts resume stuff? Here it is:

I am a certified Kripalu DansKinetics teacher, Reiki Healing Dance practitioner, and Reiki Master.  I have an extensive background in ballet, modern dance, and choreography, and I have studied with renowned dance faculties in Boston and New York, including Walnut Hill School for the Arts and the Limon Company.  I have taught ballet, modern dance, improvisation, and Kripalu DansKinetics here in Halifax, and I have performed several pieces of my own choreography in school performances in New York State, Massachusetts, and Halifax.

…but I prefer to be thought of as a dancing ninja