FAQ: Local Classes

What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

Dress code? Ha! Wear exactly what makes you want to dance your heart out. Whether that’s PJ pants and a tank top or glitter and leggings (I’ve never tried my class in a skirt, but I assume it could be done. I’d recommend bike shorts or boxers underneath just to be safe). Seriously, anything that you’re comfortable and HAPPY moving in is fantastic.

The only stipulation is that dancing in sock feet is slippery…bare feet are best, but if you have foot or leg issues and feel better in supportive shoes, that’s completely fine.

Do I need to be a “good” dancer? You don’t REALLY mean “No experience necessary,” do you? 

Oh, I so totally DO. Even if you claim to be a “rhythm-free zone.” Even if you were the WORST dancer in your Grade One ballet class. Even if you sit in a corner the whole time. Even if you have to go to the bathroom 50 times. No judgement. Do whatever you want. I mean it. It’s YOUR time and YOUR space and YOUR body. Even in DansKinetics, which has a recognizable structure, if you don’t feel like doing what I’m doing, by all means do something else. Just try not to run into anyone!

There, feel better?

What will you do if you need to cancel class?

Sometimes it does happen, so let’s talk about it now! If there is a snow day or a sick day or *insert emergency reason for class cancellation here,* I will let you know ASAP. I will email and tweet. If you prefer calling, I will call (let me know so I can write that on my list). If it comes up too suddenly to let you know in good time, I will send someone over to put a sign on the door. My point? I will do EVERYTHING I possibly can to save you a trip out to an empty studio. Because trips to empty studios kind of suck.

Do you offer classes near where I live? 

Right now the only space I have booked is the DANSpace in downtown Halifax, but I’m always looking for places to dance. If you have a suggestion (or if you want to book an in-home class for you and your friends), drop me a line!

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