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Kripalu DansKinetics

Rooted in the philosophies of yoga and ecstatic dance, Kripalu DansKinetics is a dance class designed for every Body. DansKinetics joyfully unifies your mind, body, and spirit as you dance through the rhythms of your seven chakras (or energy centres). Ground, flow, energize, give/receive, express, pray, and meditate your way to shining bliss in a class that absolutely anyone can do (promise!).  Absolutely no yoga or dance experience necessary.

Classes starting Tuesday, April 24th
DANSpace (1531 Grafton St, 3rd floor), Halifax NS

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(There is usually someone in the entryway to let people into the space. If you show up and no one is there, ring the doorbell to the right of the doorway, and someone will come straight down to let you in)

First class free, then $10/pay what you can

Drop-ins welcome.
Your first class is free, no matter when you start!
Come give it a try! 


Spirit Moves Reiki

Combining the structure of a DansKinetics class and the principles of Reiki Healing Dance™, Spirit Moves Reiki is a one-on-one session that involves guided and freeform movement combined with a full Usui Reiki treatment. Deeply relaxing, energizing, and transformative, Spirit Moves Reiki will move you, body and soul. Book a session today!

Location: Anywhere with enough space and privacy, and a plug for my speakers. My living room is available in a pinch, but I’m happy to come to you.

Cost: $50 for a 1-hour treatment (Includes a chakra dancing worksheet so you can design your own practice, and a chakra meditation mp3 for you to keep).

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