Love Notes

Ohhh… I’m not sure where to even start. I could tell you that I used to be so much more comfortable in my own skin. So much so that I won a dance contest once (a little tiny one, hardly counts), and that I used to go line dancing regularly, and used to go to local dance clubs & let loose.

But none of that matters anymore because my body and I haven’t been on speaking terms in a long time.

And then I talked with Meg. (I wonder if I’m her most skittish client to date..??) Was pretty nervous about the whole thing, not knowing what I’d need to do and whether I could.

The thing about Meg is that she’s just so very easy to talk to. I was able to relax and be real with her, even though it was embarrassing for me & even though I was scared. She’s good like that.

We’re taking baby steps. We’re helping me to get back on speaking terms with my body.
It feels damn good, and I’m so so grateful to Meg for facilitating the connection.
Angel Fortney Sullivan, My Mosaic Life


Remember when you were 5 years old, and didn’t have any worries or cares? And you just played and laughed and danced, and the world felt like a huge playground? That is how classes with Meg make me feel. Meg creates a safe, non-judgmental space where you can just move with the music, while at the same time giving gentle, encouraging guidelines to help you break through barriers such as insecurities. She never forces you, the path is always your choice. When class is over, I feel refreshed and full of energy    and vitality. Meg sets me free!! -Serenity Angel, Nova Scotia, Canada


I’ve been very interested in Meg’s dancing classes and events, but I’ve missed out on them because I live in a different province. The dancing telecircle provides a taste of it without leaving home! Before we began, I was excited about having the “excuse” for allowing myself to dance for an hour and a half. I love expressing myself through dance, but I hardly ever give myself more than 5 minutes to do it on a normal day.

During the second song in the playlist, I had an experience. I just danced so big, and freely, and my heart was full of defiant joy. I was the dancing embodiment of what has been building in my life, which is that I’m breaking free of an enormous weight that I hadn’t known was weighing me down. It was empowering to not hold back, and to dance as big as I am. To dance my joy instead of my sorrow.

After this session, I feel very relaxed. I’m proud that I did something nice for my body today, and I feel closer to my spirit. -Corinne Weagle, Prince Edward Island, Canada


I did your meditation this weekend and it was fantastic! I haven’t been in touch with my body lately, and even thought everything was going smoothly. The recording helped me be aware of and get rid of a lot of stress. It was quite a moving (pun not intended) experience and even caused a few tears to release.
-Shayla Perreault Newcomb,


I am reading your blog, and I am in tears (the good, releasing-past-gunk kind). I love the way your words paint a soulful picture of how the spirit moves the dance, and it fills me with hope and inspiration that I can dance (something I have been drawn to do but have avoided most of my life). Thank you for opening me up
-Wild-Soul Zen



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