Stop, look, and feel the love

When Matthew and I first got together, we had one mix CD that we listened to over and over. I don’t remember half the songs that were on it, but I do remember this one:

I remember this one, because every time it played I stopped singing along with Matthew and just…watched him. Every time. I sat in the passenger seat and watched him sing – the way his whole face lit up as he sang, the way he smiled to himself, the way his breath moved his body. I took a moment to really look at him and let all of the love I felt for him surge through me.

When Xander was a tiny baby, he used to nurse to sleep and snooze for hours a day on my lap. I spent a lot of time on the sofa with his warm weight on my crossed legs. Sometimes I would watch TV or read or listen to an audiobook…but sometimes I would just sit and look at him. I would look at this tiny curled fingers, at the adorable pucker of his lips and how they phantom-nursed the air as he slept, at the rise and fall of his tiny chest. And as I looked, I felt how much I loved him – so much it hurt. He lit up my world.

Who could resist the snoozybear? NO ONE, that's who!
Who could resist the snoozybear? NO ONE, that’s who!

Time passed, and I sort of…forgot…about taking time to truly see my family this way. I caught myself taking them for granted, not taking time to be fully present with them. But when I started slowing down…I found myself seeing more and more. Like the other evening, watching Xander watch the Lion King on my lap –  absent-mindedly sucking on a finger and staring wide-eyed at Simba on the screen. Like the other night, as Matthew and I read to Xander (Matthew did the voices) – Matthew didn’t know I was looking, but I was. And it filled my heart to the brim.

When I stop my usual bustle of thoughts and to-do lists and take a moment to gaze at the people I love, they touch my heart in new ways. I remember how much they mean to me. I feel how much I love them – feel it physically as well as emotionally. It’s such a simple thing…and it’s so important. I hope I can always remember that.

Dancing Words (a Bodyness Blog Wave post)


Two of my favourite things in the world are dancing and writing.

When I dance, I love the feeling of my body moving through space, the stretch of my muscles, the flow of my breath. When I am grounded, centred, and completely IN my body, I feel connected not only to my deepest core, but to the whole of the Universe. My cells dance in time to the rhythm of creation as I express my soul through movement.

When I’m writing, I can get to a place of similar flow and connection. Words I didn’t know I contained flow through my hands and appear on the screen. Images and phrases that delight and astonish me suddenly appear unbidden. My story emerges, dancing with the rhythms of life.

Sometimes, dance and writing collide. While reading a written piece out loud, I come across a word that I particularly enjoy. I take a moment to feel the  shape of the word, to roll it around my mouth and appreciate the dance of speaking. Or, while dancing, a word will come to mind and shape my dance with its meaning.

There’s the dance of the written (or spoken) word…and words that shape the dance.

Below is a list of 16 of my favourite dancing words. These words dance as they are spoken…and they shape the dance I do. Today, I invite you to take a minute to fully appreciate these words. Read them aloud to yourself and appreciate the way your mouth moves to produce the sounds they make.

Feel the texture and rhythm of the sounds—the crisp report of a P or a T, for example, or the soft hiss of a “Sh”—and notice how they feel. Appreciate the marvel of a mouth that can form these sounds, the wonder of language.


(Feel free to download the picture so you can play with it whenever you want)


And then take another minute to dance your way down the list.

How does it feel to twirl? How is it different from oozing or striking? Move your way through the words and see how they translate into your body.

There is no wrong way to do this…no “good” or “bad.” There is only you, your breath, your body. Give yourself the gift of exploring and enjoying them today.