Creative partnerships (and big new video projects)

My oldest friend and I have been in creative partnership for almost three years.

She proposed it when Xander was about 8 months old, as a way to finally get our novels written. We agreed to write at least 5 pages a week, and to email each other each Sunday with our latest installments. We would be accountability buddies, a support system, rainbow-pompom-ed cheerleaders.

And it worked SO well. I have over 200 pages of my novel written. That’s the most I’ve ever written about any single thing, ever.

As time passed, the partnership shifted. I put my novel on the back burner to focus on this blog. She continued with her novel, finished her first draft, and proceeded to major edits. We kept writing each other every Sunday, with updates on our progress. I would send her notes about the posts, plans, and projects I’d worked on over the week, and she would send me her latest installment of edits. (If you’re looking for a way to get your creative work done, I can’t recommend this kind of partnership enough).

She finished her novel. And then she wrote to me with a new suggestion, one that lit me up and made me bounce in my seat going “YES! YES YES YES!!!”

So, here it is: every 4 weeks, she’s going to send me an original piece of music. And two weeks after I  get it, I’ll post a video of myself dancing to it.

Regular videos? With entirely original music? Yes, Please.

I love love love love love this idea. And here’s the first installment:


I’m immensely grateful for this partnership and everything it’s brought me. Thank you so much, Marsha. I’m excited to see what this next chapter brings!