Writing and Editing

On Worldbuilding: Susan Mallery and Fool's Gold

2018 was the year I got hooked on romance novels ...

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Don't Be an A**hole

When I took my first editing course, our instructor gave us a valuable piece of advice: don’t correct someone else’s grammar/spelling on social media. Ever ...

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"To Fist" or Not "To Fist"

Sometimes word choices are technically correct…but they just plain bug me. Case in point: last year I read a couple of books where the word “fisted” was used as a verb ...

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Dance and Personal Growth

A Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

I’ve given you a lot of shit over the years. I’ve abused you, overworked you, underfed you, berated you, loathed you ...

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You've Always Been a Dancer

I have learned so much about dance from my son. When he was really small, he would kick his legs and move his tiny fists …

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Dancing with Failure

I finally stepped out there and booked a space and posted on my blog and put up posters and posted ads online. I Did It.

…and then nobody came ...

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What If?

What if… What if your dream wasn’t far off on the horizon, a distant vision? What if you didn’t have to wait until ...

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So Much to Do

Begin. Turn on a movie for the boy, who refuses to dance with you at home. Go into your office. Shut the door ...

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Let's Get Grounded

Want to try a fun experiment? Wherever you are right now…just stop for a second. Now… Wiggle your toes ...

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What Is Fingering Weight Yarn?

Fingering weight yarn is a super fine yarn. It is often also referred to as sock weight or baby yarn ...

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What Is Double Knit (DK) Yarn?

Double knit (DK) weight yarn is a medium-fine yarn, also sometimes referred to as a light yarn or light worsted yarn ...

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What is worsted weight yarn?

The term “worsted weight” does not, in fact, refer to the actual weight of a yarn, nor does it indicate that this particular yarn is ...

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About Me

Writer, editor, mom, K-pop fan, swearbear.

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