A Compassionate Coach and Copywriter

Greetings and salutations!

I'm Meg and I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Helping people to say exactly what they mean to say, whether that’s by co-creating the words or editing an existing draft, is my favourite thing.

Looking at a collection of ideas and information—and making it flow in a way that makes sense is my other favourite thing. I love creating order from chaos (with words and ideas, I mean—my house is generally a disaster!)

I wear many hats: I'm a mom of two, a copywriter, an intuitive editor, and a creative brainstormer. I'm also a K-pop fan, a dancer, a cat owner, a neurospicy witch, and an artist. I contain multitudes!

I've built my business on authentic, open, positive communication and a collaborative approach. I've never felt like I belonged in "the business world," but it turns out that's a good thing! Creative weirdos are more fun (and need their own kind of copywriting help!).

Get in touch and let's get started!