About Me



Greetings and salutations!

I'm Meg and I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada.

I wear many hats around here. I'm a mom of two, a writer, an editor, and a truly kickass administrator.

I'm also a K-pop fan, a dancer, a cat owner, a dog lover, and a fabulous gift-giver. I contain multitudes!

My favourite thing in the world is helping people to say exactly what they mean to say, whether that’s by writing the words or editing an existing draft.

My second favourite thing in the world is creating order out of chaos. That can be the chaos of an overflowing inbox or the chaos of an overwhelming to-do list.

I love all of these things and I'm great at all of them. I'm genuinely excited to do this work.

I've built my business on friendliness, thoroughness, and positivity. I go out of my way to make every interaction a good one. If I see a problem, I will always (gently) point it out and see if we can fix it. I always err on the side of over-communication so you know exactly what's happening on my end.

Does this sound good? Get in touch and let's get started!

A picture of Meg Goodmansons smiling