I've always been a writer. When I was young, it was stories, usually with myself as the long-suffering and much-maligned protagonist. Later, it was essays and term papers, which I (some would say freakishly) entirely enjoyed. In my late twenties, I maintained a blog for three years and had more readers than I expected. The feeling when writing comes out just right is like nothing else.

That feeling is what led me to editing. Sometimes it's hard for the writer of a piece to step back and see it objectively. They have a nagging sense that something could be improved but they don’t know what to change. It's a privilege to be the person who steps in and checks things over, who tweaks minor things and asks questions to help guide the writer towards clarity, towards the feeling of, "Yes! That's exactly what I wanted to say!"

Out in the world, editing can be a nasty habit: No one likes the person who goes to a restaurant and proofreads the menu—but there it is. I can't help it. Mistakes just leap off the page at me. At least my chosen career allows me to use my superpowers for good!

I’m a professionally trained editor with top marks in one of Canada’s gold-standard editing courses. I’ve edited PhD dissertations, e-books, blog posts, business plans, letters of resignation, distance course materials, student manuals, and two books of personal essays (Beautiful at Any Size and Beautiful at Every Size by Stephanie Rainbow Bell, available on Amazon). I’m the person my friends come to when they’re feeling anxious about a piece of writing and want someone to help them. If you need a person like that, I’m here to help. Drop me a line and let's get to work!