On Being Seen and Breaking Silences

Share your story because you're human

I’ve been feeling…a little lost. That’s the understatement of the century. I’ve been feeling a lot lost. I’ve been feeling broken and empty and exploding and crushed and incompetent and only very occasionally capable and powerful and worthy. I’ve been feeling all those things like I’m riding a rollercoaster in the dark—I can’t tell when…

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To move beyond your comfort zone…cultivate a safe place.

A hiker looking out over an immense vista, demonstrating what business feels like.

I am a deeply fearful person. I could get into all the reasons why this is true. There are plenty. But really, the result is the same. Things scare me. And not “things” like mountain climbing or skydiving (although those too). Just, like, life in general. Meeting new people. Going new places. Setting boundaries. Expressing…

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Write the Way You Talk (Apostrophes: Use Them, Love Them)

A shiny red robot stares out of the screen. He looks like he's wearing a black suit and white dress shirt.

When people write for their business, they do one thing differently. This tiny change seems insignificant, but it makes their writing feel stilted, formal, awkward … you know … all the things you don’t want. They stop using apostrophes. I see it everywhere. The drafts I work on are littered with “I am,” “you are,”…

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