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On worldbuilding: Susan Mallery and the rich world of Fool’s Gold, California

By Meg | Apr 10, 2019

2018 was the year I got hooked on romance novels. I don’t know about you, but I was raised with a general attitude of scorn towards all things romance-novel-y. My mom called them “bodice-rippers” and wouldn’t have been caught dead reading one, so, even though I’m a grown-ass woman who can (surely!) make up her…

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“To fist” or not “to fist,” that is the question

By Meg | Mar 27, 2019

Sometimes word choices are technically correct…but they just plain bug me. Case in point: last year I read a couple of books where the word “fisted” was used as a verb. Frequently. Noticeably often. It really bothered me. I couldn’t think of a single instance where I’d seen the word “fisted” used as a verb…

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From the archives: Curriculum Vitae…what’s yours?

By Meg | Jan 9, 2019

From the archives of my old blog, Spirit Moves Dance. December 2013: I spent last week working on a job application for the position I’ve been filling for the past 4 months. I hate writing job applications as a rule, but this one was both harder and easier than previous ones–easier because I *knew* without…

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From the archives: Transformation

By Meg | Jan 2, 2019

I wrote this poem for my old blog, Spirit Moves Dance, in 2012. The blog is gone, but the poem remains.  It will not always feel good, This growing. This stretching beyond the boundaries of the known, The comfortable. It will not always feel safe, This learning and relearning of your own abilities This reexamining…

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