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Self-care tips for writers (and everyone else)

By Meg | Jun 14, 2019

Last month I (briefly) went to a dark place. There wasn’t anything wrong, really. There were no awful life events or catastrophes. I wasn’t depressed. It’s just that my novel, which had been stuck, ended up taking me somewhere Not Fun. My main character wasn’t coming out right, and in order to understand where she…

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My brain is lazy AF: learning to read Hangul (한글)

By Meg | May 22, 2019

Learning Korean has given me a fascinating sense of perspective. I’ve learned other languages: I did a double major in French and English in university and I took a year of German back when I thought a master’s degree in Comparative Literature would be a hoot (actually, it probably would be a hoot, but that’s…

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Don’t be an asshole: an editor’s guide to internet etiquette

By Meg | May 8, 2019

When I took my first editing course, our instructor gave us a valuable piece of advice: don’t correct someone else’s grammar/spelling on social media. Ever. Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and internet forums (are they still A Thing? I am old) are the textual equivalent of a casual conversation. Do you stop someone mid-conversation to correct their…

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Come for the K-pop…stay for the grammar

By Meg | Apr 24, 2019

Last fall, when I first started learning Korean, I told a friend about it and she said, “Umm…OK, but why?” It’s a fair question. I live in a province with a Korean population of just over 1000 according to the 2016 census. I don’t work in tech, I don’t want to teach abroad (or locally,…

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On worldbuilding: Susan Mallery and the rich world of Fool’s Gold, California

By Meg | Apr 10, 2019

2018 was the year I got hooked on romance novels. I don’t know about you, but I was raised with a general attitude of scorn towards all things romance-novel-y. My mom called them “bodice-rippers” and wouldn’t have been caught dead reading one, so, even though I’m a grown-ass woman who can (surely!) make up her…

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“To fist” or not “to fist,” that is the question

By Meg | Mar 27, 2019

Sometimes word choices are technically correct…but they just plain bug me. Case in point: last year I read a couple of books where the word “fisted” was used as a verb. Frequently. Noticeably often. It really bothered me. I couldn’t think of a single instance where I’d seen the word “fisted” used as a verb…

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From the archives: Curriculum Vitae…what’s yours?

By Meg | Jan 9, 2019

From the archives of my old blog, Spirit Moves Dance. December 2013: I spent last week working on a job application for the position I’ve been filling for the past 4 months. I hate writing job applications as a rule, but this one was both harder and easier than previous ones–easier because I *knew* without…

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From the archives: Transformation

By Meg | Jan 2, 2019

I wrote this poem in 2012 when I was scared and feeling small and desperately needed to hear the words that flowed onto the page. I could tell that it was not just a message for me, so I posted it on my blog and invited people to pass it on if it spoke to…

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