Need an obnoxiously good editor?

Do you need someone to look over your writing and make sure it says exactly what you mean it to say?

I’m a professionally trained editor with top marks in one of Canada’s gold-standard editing courses. My favourite things to edit are newsletters, blog posts, e-books, and web copy.

If you have a draft that's almost there and needs a trained eye to polish it up, I've got you.

I'm thorough, I'm efficient, I'm professional...but I'm also encouraging and kind. I want everyone to be able to communicate their message without worrying about typos, grammar issues, or other problems that can distract a reader.

I’m the person my friends come to when they’re feeling anxious about a piece of writing and want someone to help them. If you need a person like that, I’m here to help!

Send me a message with information about your project, and let's get started!

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