Writing and Editing

On Worldbuilding: Susan Mallery and Fool's Gold

2018 was the year I got hooked on romance novels ...

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Don't Be an A**hole

When I took my first editing course, our instructor gave us a valuable piece of advice: don’t correct someone else’s grammar/spelling on social media. Ever ...

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"To Fist" or Not "To Fist"

Sometimes word choices are technically correct…but they just plain bug me. Case in point: last year I read a couple of books where the word “fisted” was used as a verb ...

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Dance and Personal Growth

A Letter to My Body


Dear Body,

I’ve given you a lot of shit over the years. I’ve abused you, overworked you, underfed you, berated you, loathed you ...

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You've Always Been a Dancer

I have learned so much about dance from my son. When he was really small, he would kick his legs and move his tiny fists …

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I wrote this poem in 2012 when I was scared and feeling small and desperately needed to hear the words that flowed onto the page...

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Meet the Makers: Forbidden Fibre Co.

You may have seen their yarns on our site already, but we wanted to give a very warm welcome to Forbidden Fiber Co ...

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Why Choose Hand-dyed Yarn?

Look, we get it. Hand-dyed yarn is more expensive than mill-dyed options, and significantly more expensive than the  ...

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What Is Yarn Made Of?


“What is yarn made of?” you ask? How much time do you have? (How much time do I have, for that matter). Yarn can be  ...

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Best Student Credit Cards


I’m going to be brutally honest: when I was a student, I didn’t read a single article about the best student credit cards...

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The Best Secured Credit Cards in Canada

Do you have bad credit? Our list of the Best Secured Credit Cards in Canada can help you get back on track...

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TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Review

Our editorial team’s Best Aeroplan Card for 2021, the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite is an excellent card for Aeroplan...

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About Me

Editor, writer, mom, K-pop fan, swearbear.

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