Let me help your writing shine

Wherever you are in the process, I can help


Because friends don't let friends publish first drafts.


Stuck on a project? Need a hand? I can help!

Writing can be hard. You don't have to do it alone.

I get it: writing can be difficult. The blank page just sits there, alternately mocking and scary (and yes, thank goodness, sometimes inviting)...and then when you do write something, you go back over it and feel like it doesn't quite say what you meant it to. Maybe you feel like you should just stop writing because it sucks and you suck and everything sucks. What a fun process!

Here's the thing: those feelings? Everyone has them! And you don't have to do this alone. No matter what stage of the process your writing is at, I can help. If you've got a draft that you've polished until you can't see straight, I can go through it with fresh eyes (and a copy of a style guide if you need a specific one). If you're slogging through a revision, I can take a look and send you notes or questions. And if you're just starting out and need someone to bounce ideas off of, I can do that too.

The sucky part doesn't last forever. Help is available. And the writing is always worth it.

The French mime Étienne Decroux used to remind his students, “One pearl is better than a whole necklace of potatoes.” What is true for that wordless art form applies equally to writing: well-crafted prose depends on the writer’s ability to distinguish between pearls and potatoes.

  ― Constance Hale, Sin and Syntax

Why I'm Awesome

I graduated with a GPA over 4.0 in an honours program focused on French and English literature (the French ability is gone, but the awesomeness remains). I've taken editing courses including Ryerson University's copy editing course, which is known as the gold standard for editor training. I'm a writer: I'm currently working on my first novel and my mother and I co-authored a children's story that received an honourable mention in the Nova Writes Competition. And I've also read a lot, which sounds like it's nothing to brag about, but the key to good writing is lots of reading.

I have an excellent eye for detail. I'm a perfectionist and I'm always checking to make sure things make sense and sound good. I'll always ask a question to double-check something rather than just assume it's OK.  I'm also super-nice. Editors have a reputation for being dictators with red pens, but I promise I've never made anyone cry (well, maybe my little brother, but we were kids and that doesn't count).